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Transforming the Industry One Tow at a Time

Transforming the industry one tow at a time. Starting out in 2008 as a one-tow truck operation, getting our first call for assistance off of Craigslist and later turning into a five truck fleet in the year 2012. We discovered that there was a common complaint amongst service providers, owner operators and drivers. This common complaint was that Motor Club companies like the ones you pay yearly subscriptions for, are in essence creating a program that does not have service providers at its best interest. They offer service providers pennies on the dollar for services that they provide. Many quality mom-and-pop providers, are being taken advantage of by motor clubs and other insurance groups who only have one concern, it’s about price not quality. These groups promise huge amounts of call volume in trade for a service to their members. We also understand and it’s not their members they worry about either. Making some wait on the side of the road for several hours before receiving service.     

Having spent several thousands of hours talking to customers that don’t have motor club memberships and the ones that do. We found a common complaint. The complaint is that members who have a motor club hardly ever use it. So why buy it? This is conceivably true, because the average vehicle owner only needs to use the Motor Club service once every three years. If you’re paying a $100 a year for peace of mind that you really only need to use every three years, that would mean, when you finally do call the motor club you belong to, you have spent in the range of $300 for that service provider to arrive at your roadside needs. Now if you don’t belong to Motor Club you would only pay $75 - $125 for your average roadside service. That analysis means you could call a service provider 3 times in the next three years to be equivalent to the same amount that you would be paying for a Motor Club. Motor Clubs aren’t all bad and there is a need for them. However, the business model with the motor club needs to be revised. That is exactly what Tow Deals has done.                 

Most consumers want the comfort of having a warm and fuzzy feeling if and when a problem occurs.  We understand this as well. Most motor clubs give you some free mileage and coverage up to a certain point and they have fancy toll free numbers that can be easily memorized. After we discovered all of the different things that are required of the average driver on the road. We formulated a program and perfected it like a fine wine.  The program is called Tow Deals. We also have a very easy phone number to remember, you can dial this number 24 / 7, **TowUSA.  You will immediately be connected to our friendly and helpful customer service representatives. Unlike our competitors, we have designed our program around, accountability, integrity and reliability. This makes it possible to recreate a higher standard for service providers with a lower price and making it easier for consumers to reach a reputable service provider. One who is not taking advantage of the customer through deception techniques, but, one who actually cares about their customers and their safety while being stranded on the side of the road. With TowDeals.çom we are creating the possibility of putting an outstanding reputation back into the towing community.

Understanding that motor clubs aren’t design for everyone, we have also formulated our system to create an algorithm design with two major components to play in everyone’s quest for seeking out a reputable service provider. These factors include price and estimated time of arrival. After 6 years in making our patent pending system, it has finally taken on a life of its own. It takes the guesswork out of choosing the right service provider for you. Thus getting your roadside service needs met quicker. Seconds count when it comes to saving lives. This system has revolutionized the searching process for a reputable service provider. You will no longer have to call every service provider in the phone book just to find one a few dollars cheaper than the next. Even if one is a few dollars cheaper, how much longer will you have to wait, stranded on the side of the road? We have put together a complex string of numbers to give you what is now called the Tow Deals process. Something that use to take an hour or more, now only takes seconds.

Service providers work shoulder to shoulder with police officers and firefighters everyday. Nearly 1000 men and women service providers are injured every year risking their lives in attempts to help you get safely back on the road, and even more people are injured every day stranded on the side of the road waiting.

We have created a new breed of service providers. This new breed belongs to an elite team of men and women that work hand in hand with your local police, fire and emergency crews all day, every day. This is a service industry that has been around for nearly a hundred years and has never been given the recognition that it deserves.

Hello, service providers, and customers in need, Integrity has been restored.
Tow Deals has arrived.