The Green Stuff!

Tow Deals was designed with the green stuff in mind. We wanted to reduce the use of our earth’s finite resources, And also save money for the people in need and the service providers. So we looked at the problems at hand and discovered several things.

The Problems

Service providers were trying to undercut the next provider down the line, so they started driving all over the city at the request of customers, creating long wait times for the customers and loss of profits for the service providers. Thus making the customers upset, and exposed to the elements longer then they had to, only to watch half a dozen tow trucks drive right by, and in turn creating unnecessary pollution and more consumption of our earths resources. Nearly 30% of our earth’s resources can be saved. By eliminating the actions of desperate customers, and desperate service providers. We could start saving resources and money at the same time!

The Reason

Customers wanted a low priced service provider that can get to them quickly. Service providers trying to make a living, need every call they can get just to be able to afford the overhead cost of their business. So they bit the bullet and reduced their rates to cost and sometimes below cost just to be able to stay in business, ultimately leading to an inevitable bankruptcy. This leads to otherwise known as great service providers shutting down and creating space for another new service provider to fall in its place, and repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Only to find out years later they too are finding themselves closing their doors for business, and the process starts all over again.

The Outcome

This usually leads to service providers that decide that they are going to cut corners on every aspect of the business. This is why we see tow trucks, and service vehicles old and not maintained properly. This is why service providers can’t afford to higher quality help. This is why service providers create bait and switch techniques. This is why the service industry lost its integrity. Often service providers will often bite off more then they can chew, thus creating reliability issues.

The ones that make it work

Service providers that understand not every call is a winner for them, and stand behind their rates. Customers that don’t shop around, and create fake competitions amongst providers, thus turning them against each other for just a few dollars. Service Providers that deliver on there word and arrive on time. Customers that don’t call five service providers after they already agreed to pay for the first four they called. Turning them all down after they arrive minutes after each other. This created a first come first serves aspect for the customer. Those customers didn’t understand that they were only wasting our earth’s finite resources, time, and money. Service Providers that arrived to the customers and stood behind the price quoted.

The Solution

The Tow Deals System, By Using Tow Deals you will help create an efficient system that reduces the waste of our earths finite resources, such as Fuel, Rubber, Oil contaminants, and Pollution, plus all the other the other yucky stuff it takes to get a service provider to your location . This in turn will reduce the carbon footprint of our service providers across the globe. Saving money for the service provider and the customers. Lets restore the accountability, integrity and reliability of the community of customers and service providers. Tow Deals allows the pricing available for everyone to see. No more guessing games. No more bait and switch techniques by customers and service providers. No more wasted resources, Shorter wait times, and a Reliable community of service providers and customers. Use Tow Deals, help change the world one call at a time.